Application Instructions

Single and Two Color Screen Print Transfer Application Instructions:

  • Pre-heat Heat Press to 325 degrees
  • Pre-press garment for 10 seconds to release moisture
  • Place screen printed side of transfer face down and on top of garment
  • Press with Medium/High Pressure for 7 Seconds
  • Peel HOT



**While some people will have luck with a Cricut easy press / iron / or items similar - Screen Print Transfers should be applied with a heat press to get even firm pressure.

If you have a problem with the transfer releasing on to apparel you can try several things to see what the issue is. 

You can turn up the pressure. 

Get a temp gun to check the temperature of your heat platen - Local hard ware stores have these pretty cheap. It's a good tool to have on hand so you know whether or not your press is still heating evenly. 

If just some paper won't come off, some transfer users have had luck with lightly spritzing with water, covering with a Teflon sheet and repressing. The paper then peels up. However in most cases you should avoid a Teflon cover sheet as The Teflon sheet acts as a heat barrier, blocking the heat from your top platen. This can decrease the application temperature from 10-20 degrees and result in adhesion issues or under application.

It is always advised with any brand of transfers to have an extra on hand to try out to make sure you have the sweet spot. Application instructions are generic and typically work for almost everyone, but they all have their own sweet spot - just like baking in a home kitchen oven.